Show Notes for September 30, 2011

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In this week’s news:  We’ll Be Looking At –

  • Chiropractic and Maintenance Care
  • Medicare to Release Another Chiropractic Comparative Billing Report
  • And Finally, a Story about Symptomatic Disc Herniation and Serum Lipid Levels

For HealthBeat, This is Dr. Todd Eglow!

Welcome to HealthBeat Podcast #325, recorded September 30, 2011.

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And Now for some news ….

Chiropractic and Maintenance Care
A 1999 study from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics, looked at Maintenance care.

Health promotion and prevention services provided by the chiropractic profession historically have been referred to as maintenance care (MC).

The primary objective of this investigation was to obtain information regarding multiple health issues of patients age 65 years and over who have had a long-term regimen of chiropractic health promotion and preventive care. The study also sought to explore the nature of the interventions and methods that were most commonly used by chiropractors when administering MC and to determine whether there were differences between patients who have had long-term exposure to these preventive services versus those who have not.

A total of 73 chiropractors participated in this investigation from the 6 study sites. In addition to an average 1.9 manual procedures used per patient, it was common to recommend stretching exercises (68.2%), aerobic exercises (55.6%), dietary advice (45.3%), and a host of other prevention strategies, including vitamins and relaxation. The patients investigated in this study reported making only half the annual number of visits to medical providers (4.76 visits per year) compared with the national average (9 visits per year) for individuals age 65 years and over.

The study concluded that on the basis of the response of participating chiropractors, this study describes the therapeutic components of MC for the elderly patient. For these patients, MC does not simply consist solely of periodic visits for joint manipulation, but it involves an eclectic host of interventions (eg, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, physical therapy, and manipulation) that are directed at both musculoskeletal and visceral conditions.

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Medicare to Release Another Chiropractic Comparative Billing Report

On Sept. 26, 2011 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a national provider Comparative Billing Report (CBR) aimed at the chiropractic profession — again.

This is the second year in a row that chiropractors across the country have received a CBR. The latest round is a similar analysis equivalent to the one distributed last fall except this current study will focus on 2010 data.

The 2011 CBR will be sent to 5,000 different chiropractors around the country from the DC’s who may have received a CBR in the last round. The intent of the second transmission, however, is still the same as the CBRs contains actual data-driven tables and graphs with an explanation of findings that compare provider’s billing and payment patterns to those of their peers located in the state and across the nation.

According to the press release on Medicare’s website, “CMS has received feedback from a number of providers that this kind of data is very helpful to them and encouraged us to produce more CBRs and make them available to providers.”

Tom Necela, DC, of the Strategic Chiropractor, is the nation’s first chiropractor who achieved certification as a Professional Medical Auditor, but he is not so sure about the “positive feedback” Medicare proclaims.

Necela recommends that those who do receive a CBR, use it as a wake-up call to improve upon their billing, coding, or documentation procedures which may not be up to standard or that are significantly outside the norm. Although the CBR is not punitive and although there is not a direct correlation between those receiving the CBR and those who will be audited, most experts would agree that chiropractors should use this as an opportunity to be proactive — before the auditor comes knocking.

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Symptomatic Disc Herniation and Serum Lipid Levels

Insufficient blood supply to the intervertebral disc (IVD) has been proposed to play a role as causative factor in IVD degeneration.
A study in the European Spine Journal found that there is an association between IVD diseases and increased risk of dying of ischemic heart disease.

Obesity and tobacco are potential risk factors for degenerative IVD disease. High blood cholesterol and triglycerides serum levels are risk factors for atherosclerosis, and could be responsible for a decreased in the blood supply to the already poor vascularized IVD.

When comparing the two groups, patients with symptomatic herniated lumbar disc showed statistically significant higher triglyceride concentration (P = 0.02) and total cholesterol concentration (P = 0.01).

Serum lipid levels may be a risk factor for intervertebral disc pathology. An enhanced understanding of these factors holds the promise of new approaches to the prevention and management of IVD pathology.

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For Chiropractic OnLine Today’s HealthBeat, This is Dr. Todd Eglow.

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