Show Notes for February 22, 2013

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of HealthBeat, Chiropractic OnLine Today’s Health, News and Informational Podcast, and Proud to be the #1 Search Result for Chiropractic Podcasts in the iTunes Podcast Directory.

In this week’s news:  We’ll Be Looking At –

  • The Craniocervical Flexion Test
  • Physical therapy treatments for low back pain in children and adolescents
  • And Finally, a Story about the Affordable Care Act and Sunshine Rule

For HealthBeat, This is Dr. Todd Eglow!

Welcome to HealthBeat Podcast #398, recorded February 22, 2013.

HealthBeat is Chiropractic OnLine Today’s radio program, providing current news and commentary about Chiropractic and Health.

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And Now for some news ….



The Craniocervical Flexion Test

The Deep Cervical Flexors (DCFs) provide support and segmental stability to the cervical spine. However, their endurance capacity can be reduced in cervicogenic disorders.

The Craniocervical Flexion Test (CCFT) is regarded as the most effective means of assessing the contractile performance of these muscles. However, limited normative data exists to serve as a reference point during diagnosis.


A recent study in the journal Manual Therapy examined Craniocervical Flexion Test performance in a group of young asymptomatic subjects and investigated the influence of physical activity levels, age and gender on the Craniocervical Flexion Test score.

The study concluded that the Median Baseline Assessment score was 24 mmHg. Between-subject variability was high while physical activity levels; age or gender did not appear to influence the DCF muscle tonic holding capacity.

The small heterogeneous sample involved in this study highlights the need for high quality normative studies to validate these findings.

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Physical therapy treatments for low back pain in children and adolescents

Low back pain (LBP) in adolescents is associated with LBP in later years.

In recent years treatments have been administered to adolescents for LBP, but it is not known which physical therapy treatment is the most efficacious.

By means of a meta-analysis, the current study published in the online journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, investigated the effectiveness of the physical therapy treatments for LBP in children and adolescents.

The study concluded that of all the physical therapy treatments for LBP in children and adolescents, the combination of therapeutic physical conditioning and manual therapy is the most effective.

The low number of studies and control groups, and the methodological limitations in this meta-analysis prevent the authors of the study from drawing definitive conclusions in relation to the efficacy of physical therapy treatments in LBP.

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Affordable Care Act and Sunshine Rule

ChiroCode recently sent out an update to the Affordable Care Act.

On February 1, 2013, CMS announced a final rule designed to increase transparency in health care. Dubbed the “Sunshine” rule, the “National Physician Payment Transparency Program: Open Payments,” is one of many steps in the Affordable Care Act designed to create greater transparency in the health care market.

The announcement stated that “This rule finalizes the provisions that require manufacturers of drugs, devices, biologicals, and medical supplies covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to report payments or other transfers of value they make to physicians and teaching hospitals to CMS.”

Additionally, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) must disclose physician ownership or investment interests.

This information will be posted on a public website in an ongoing effort to reduce potential conflict of interest issues between physicians and manufacturers. Data gathering will begin August 1, 2013 and CMS plans to release that data by September 30, 2014.

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Finally, I leave you with the following quote:

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed.  Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

For Chiropractic OnLine Today’s HealthBeat, This has been Dr. Todd Eglow.


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