ShowNotes for September 4, 2015

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of HealthBeat, Chiropractic OnLine Today’s Health, News and Informational Podcast.

In this week’s news: We’ll Be Looking At –

  • Aetna Updates Reimbursement Policy for Code 97140
  • And Finally, a Story about Thoracic Manipulation Mental State and Chronic LBP

For HealthBeat, This is Dr. Todd Eglow!

Welcome to HealthBeat Podcast #521 recorded September 4, 2015.

HealthBeat is Chiropractic OnLine Today’s radio program, providing current news and commentary about Chiropractic and Health.

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And Now for some news ….

Aetna Updates Reimbursement Policy for Code 97140

Dynamic Chiropractic recently published an article about Aetna’s revision of reimbursement for code 97140.

In a development the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors is calling “a resounding victory for chiropractors nationwide,” Aetna Insurance Company has updated its national reimbursement policy regarding 97140 (manual therapy), reaching an agreement two years after the association filed a declaratory judgment suit in federal court against the insurer.

Gone is the prepayment review policy of extraspinal diagnoses, which bundled 97140 into a chiropractic manipulative adjustment if performed on the same day and required documentation that the manual therapy was provided to a separate and distinct region from the CMT.

The updated policy also makes allowances for situations in which intraspinal claims qualify as separate, payable services.

“There are two major distinctions with Aetna’s post-settlement processing of claims for manual therapy (CPT 97140). First and foremost, Aetna previously required all 97140 claims to undergo prepayment review, which meant submission of notes with the claim, and waiting for an examiner to review the claims and then manually issue a pay or no-pay adjudication of the claim.

“Second, Aetna agreed to revise its policy language as it applies to prepayment review of intraspinal claims. Previously, if manual therapy was applied to any muscle in the same region as a chiropractic manipulative therapy, the claim would be automatically denied. The revised policy language recognizes that some soft tissues may span the same region as the CMT, but still qualify for separate reimbursement.

Discuss all updates with your local and state associations.

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Thoracic Manipulation Mental State and Chronic LBP

The aim of a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, was to evaluate the changes in function and mental state after thoracic mobilization and manipulation in patients with chronic lower back pain (LBP).

Chronic lower back pain is defined as the LBP lasting over 3 months, and this pain could lead to social problems because treatment of LBP has many costs.

The Oswestry disability index (ODI) was used to measure the functional impairment of patients with LBP. A multiple spinal diagnosis was used to measure the range of motion (ROM) of vertebra segments.

The study concluded that application of mobilization or manipulation to thoracic lumbar vertebrae has a positive effect on function, mental state, and ROM in patients with lower back pain.

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Finally, I leave you with the following quote:

You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance.”
– Lee Iacocca

For Chiropractic OnLine Today’s HealthBeat, This has been Dr. Todd Eglow.


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