Dr. Len Faye’s New Book

I am pleased to share with everyone that a long time COT HealthBeat contributor, Dr. Len Faye, is out with his new book – Chiropractic Odyssey – A Journey of Practice, Observation and Reading Research.

The book will be published on September 15, 2020, but is now available for Pre-Order – https://www.chiropracticmentor.com/product/chiropractic-odyssey-a-journey-of-practice-observation-and-reading-research/

Dr. Faye’s new book “Chiropractic Odyssey – a journey of practice, observation and reading research” starts with him at 16 years old suffering from the Autoimmune, Polyarthritis of Rheumatic Fever that chiropractic manipulation helped his body return to normal.

He relates his experiences and the references that caused his behavioral changes that lead to busy practices in three countries, the development of MPI Seminars, writing a text book and producing video demonstrations of hundreds of palpations and their concomitant manipulations to restore function of the joints before rehabilitation.

Dr. Faye realized that denying the dogma of early chiropractic is not enough, it has to be replaced with rational research, concepts and models of practice that account for our clinical successes.

Dr. Faye has offered for a short time period, a Pre-Order special – Buy the pre-publication copy now and get a limited edition, signed, hardcover copy, at the reduced price of $69.00 with no shipping and handling:


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